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The people from Kuala Kangsar should be very good in swimming or diving – Preface

My life is pretty much like a pool of stagnant water nowadays. I go through the same mindless routine everyday, with minimum surprise and excitement.  

In order to be rejuvenated, a trip to Kuala Kangsar and Ipoh (again) was arranged for.

Stay tuned for the juicy elaboration about the trip!


Always positive

Pessimist: Sigh… I did not get to go up to the podium and stand a chance to win RM100,000 from ntv7’s Deal or No Deal 

Optimist: it’s okay, I help sam to polish up her navigating skill! And I just knew, Guthrie Highway can actually lead us to Shah Alam!


盖白布 Just imagine the monitor=a dead body


Today, the plan on the wall dropped to the floor again.  

Normally, I’ll be the one to pick it up and paste it back onto the wall. Not just the particular layout actually, since I’m the most junior engineer in my department, so all the memos, checklists, and layouts on the wall have become my responsibility (some of them are not mine).  

BUT, not today. Instead of doing like the above mentioned, I covered the monitor of the owner of the plan, with the plan, and left him a message, just like this…

"Your monitor’s dead. My deepest condolence…"

-p.s.: I was told by my friend that today, Friday the 13th=the bad luck day…-



If this is in the perfect form:



Then this one must be the HAHAHA!



My sincerest gratitude goes to See Khee, for being our siao assistant under the scorching sun!

Crossing my fingers

I like the extrapolation part of this graph…

If only it comes true…

Silence is gold, protest is silver

I heard this from the radio this morning while I was driving to work:

Someone from the parliament proposed so that we separate male and female passengers in LRT to avoid sexual harassment from happening. 

I’m actually not so much a political/government critic like someone, but this did ripple my nostalgia. The above mentioned proposal is quite similar with quite a number of restrictions introduced by my beloved university, which I found were ridiculous. Just to cite the top 2 which caused my greatest dulan-ness:-

1.         At one time, they forbad us to dry our undergarments in the sun; we should cover them with cloth. The reason given sounded this way:

 “Tak malu ke? Nak biar orang tengok?”

Hello! Why was it an eyesore when all the clothesline were isolated from the admin buildings? And they even arranged for ad hoc spot check on clotheslines and forfeited all the undergarments not being covered. The spot check made a lot of commotion and I saw many people scurrying to salvage their precious… [So malu, then might as well don’t wear any!]

2.         Some of the lecturers prohibited students with opposite gender to sit next to each other. Not to mention, we have newspaper-reading-corner for siswi and siswa. [As if one will become pregnant by sitting next to a guy…]  

Hoo…. It’s a relief to speak out after suppressing for so long…

2 seconds of fame

Another milestone for my SMART project: The breakthrough of the North TBM, TUAH.

I gained few seconds of fame on TV3 prime news telecasted on 2 April 2007. Spot me!


 The following narration done by my colleague during the breakthrough really made my day:

 The breakthrough is just like the childbirth. Now, we are witnessing the rupture of the amniotic sac (“breaking of water”, splashes of water coming out). Okay, expel! Harder! Expel harder!


Lina Teoh as one of the crew of National Geographic was doing filming there as well. I looked so short standing next to her…

Only those well-trained can do this

I’m trying to be really scientific (calculus for live!) at the very beginning of this blog entry…  

f (jumping smash, improper landing) = dislocation of bone at knee  

In consequence, I get to rest for 3 days at home……  

P.S.: I came across elaboration on how to do a jump smash, get the feel of it! Who knows, you might be getting rest at home…  

1) Jump up (with non-racquet shoulder towards the shuttle as usual),

2) Then bend BOTH your knees back — but keep your thighs fairly straight pointing down

3) And then simultaneously start the body rotation and perform the arm swing AND straighten your knees fast.  

This is too cool!

I’m not grumbling…

Saturday, 4pm, at my office…

Nope, no consultants….. and look at my department….

People claim that 4pm is the least productive time of the day.

While I’d like to assert that 4pm on Saturday is the least of the least productive time of the week.  

Why on earth that I need to work full day on Saturday?!

I spot you, creativity!

Creative job recruitment ad!

Reflection of the day

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