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旺财!你死得好惨哦!(the collar strap is still there!)


Size does matter

Size L:


Size M:


Size S!

This is so cute!

Silly thoughts

This is a procrastinated entry! Have the urge to write about this about a year ago!



Given the lyrics, I can’t help but to relate them to the following:-




Simon & Su Ee tying the knot – Part 1- Meeting old acquaintances

 Caution! Mega lengthy post ahead!


My last visit back to my beloved university was on March 2007, for a siao project. This time, I took a week’s leave to go back to Partit Raja & Batu Pahat to attend Su Ee & Simon’s wedding, and to execute my secret mission.


I met a few professors, lecturers, technician, staffs from Student Affairs Office + Sports & Co-curriculum Centre and juniors. This trip has certainly boosted a wee bit of my self-esteem which has been seriously eroded at work place, I felt like I’m SOMEBODY because not only people still recognize me, they can still address me with my name when I have already forgotten theirs (or maybe it’s me who suffer amnesia? )


Old photo: Group picture taken with Prof. Aziz (sitting, 2nd from left) in Indonesia. He is now the Dean for my faculty. His face constantly reminds me of Wei Chern!


Old photo: Our dean last time (the one with songkok) has been promoted, he’s now the Deputy Vice Chancellor


Old photo: Met helpful Mr. Koh (middle) as well


I paid a visit to my good old coach’s house. As usual, I was greeted with warm welcome by him. I think Mrs. Coach must feel good to have a husband who is still well-built even in his 60-ies! Coach has a son who is equally attractive as he is. Potty and I used to admire the son so much!


Old photo: My macho coach!


Old photo: middle row, 4th from the right=coach’s son!


Hippo & I also went look for friends who are still stuck at Parit Raja doing their masters e.g. Dave. Ah Liao & Gordon to have lunch together. We are surprised to observe that they have not assimilated into Batu Pahat’s style of talking and are still talking with heavy Borneo accent after 7 years living in BP.


Seekhee is kind enough to provide refuge for me & hippo during our stay at BP. Received funny sms from YK on the night of 30/4:-


YK: Eh, in BP already? Where do you all stay?

Me: Sleeping by the road side

YK: My house is empty tonight. Don’t say I never offer hor.

Me: Ceh! After tonight still have to sleep by the road side…

YK: Walao, got place la. Wanna come or not?

Me: It’s ok for us to sleep by the road side, as long as you treat me, hippo & Seekhee breakfast tomorrow!

YK: Bye!


Seekhee put the bolster in between to prevent me from molesting her while she’s deep in slumber!


I reckon Seekhee can really be a terrific house wife because she possesses the following virtues:-

1) She sleeps & eats very little!

2) She’s very thrifty. She kinda stopped McEgg from buying her a Gucci bag.

3) She does house chores diligently.

4) She’s a good cook! 


Seekhee’s cooking. To keep my promise of not posting photo showing Seekhee in her casual wear at home & to repay her kindness for shou liu-ing me, I draw her a Gucci top!


4-dish + 1 soup, prepared by Seekhee in just the blink of an eye. Not forgetting, the tabao-ed 烧肉 from YK.


"Reunion" lunch at Seekhee’s house


Miss this 福州 egg soup very much!


One of the constinuous shots yang tidak bermaya…


The age has really taken its toll on all of us, (I must say, except Ah Leang!) the enthusiasm for continuous shots is just not there anymore. These were what we could do during our heyday:-




As asserted by Suecing, what you witness above is just tip of the iceberg, it’s only 10% of our skills!


Random: Quiz: Guess a 4-character idiom in Chinese













Random: According to Ah Lun, this is the trick to have twins!


Random: STARz


Random: His saham terus jatuh 50% by taking this photo!


Random: I went for pedicure while waiting for Hippo for his hair cut


I have a feeling that the later someone gets married, the less fun and more formal the wedding would become! Because as the days go by, everyone will be tied down more by heavier workload, naughtier children & busier schedule! Tell me I’m wrong…

Bad news of the century!

I have just weighed myself after my Batu Pahat Trip and to my horror, I’m now 8kg heavier than the time when I had my below studio shot (all this while I thought I had only put on 3kg since then)!!!!!  



The slim me = history…. Flabby arms, humongous thighs, ugly cellulites, protruding tummy are all my best friends now…


All the zabo friends whom I met during my Batu Pahat trip have shrunk from “S” size to become “XS”. I’m the only one bloated and I looked really humongous relatively! It is so hard to subside my impulse on taking the Reductil pills again…


I used to take Reductil pills in 2007. Coupled with my controlled diet + workout plan, I managed to get rid of the vile 3kg of fat in just 2-week time! But I did suffer side effects while consuming the pills.


I’ll now perpetuate hostility towards my favorite nasi lemak, 烧肉, KFC, McD, keropok lekor and bah kut teh! I’ll also declare war with anyone who’s trying to hinder me from jogging session after work!

I spot you, creativity!

Creative job recruitment ad!

Reflection of the day

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