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Call me ME, Miscellaneous Engineer – Part 2

Life is getting more interesting and more adventurous (ironically) by days being a ME, MISCELLANEOUS ENGINEER. One of the miscellaneous scopes of work is to go take site photos. Let me show you all the fun and games:- 

Well, in order for me to snap this photo, I scurried across the road (afraid kena knock by car/s coming down from the ramp at high speed), then I needed to do hurdling a bit (to jump over the guard rail) and finally stood at the median to snap the photo.  

Thank God, that I do not have to cross this road with so heavy traffic and snap the photo I want. 

Because I have DIGICAM, what I need to do is just to ZOOM.

To get another job done, I first have to cross the road. Next, I have to stand within the limited space of the road curb to snap this following photo:

The funniest (again, ironically) part, was to tahan the kind of sight thrown by those who drove passing by, “Why? The scenery here very nice to snap meh?

While making every endeavor to cope with my scope of work, I try to put in creativity in my daily ME job as well. See, I took this photo at such an angle that the gantry looked so grand right? Impressed or not? 

Well, this got nothing to do with my work, just found the signage very cute in terms of height










Convocation 2006

Classification: U



General Release:

8 September 2006

Running Time:

3 days

Distributed by:

KUiTTHO Pictures


Jill Teo

Kenzo Lee


Felilly Thin

Su Ee

Sin Eee


Seng Chun

YK Teh

Ooi Teck Lun

Guat Ching

Eddy Beck


The fate

Paiseh, I know this review come in a little late… Having difficulty in getting photos from those paparazzi…

Review by Samantha
Star Ratings:



 3 stars


 3 stars


 3 stars


 4.5 stars


 4.5 stars



A gang of good friends finally made it through to their graduation day. Genuine happiness was felt along their special days. 

NG Shots


Well, they just need more practices to make this scene really perfect…

Supporting actor, Lee K.G., you do not have to throw your mortarboard so high up in the sky, ok? 

Errr… supporting actor, YK… could you please…errr…

The office is haunted…

It is either I do things too slow or the work load is too much, nowadays I often stay back until around 7 to 8 pm in the office to make time to catch up. Colleagues are starting to tell me stories like the office is haunted, and advise me not to stay back until too late or at least find someone to keep me in company. 

I have the feeling of déjà vu when listening to plots like heard of someone chatting over the phone but in fact no one was there, heard heavy footsteps on the stairs but again no one was coming up.  

“One day, there was an accountant, Siti (pseudonym), working overtime in the office until 10 something. Then she heard someone/something calling her name out of no where….” One colleague told me this.  

Trying to be funny, I said, “If I were Siti, I’ll shout aloud: SHUT UP! CAN’T YOU SEE THAT I’M BUSY?!!!!!”  


DOs and DON’Ts for your convocation


1.               Just DON’T put on weight before your convo. For my case, I looked awful in ALL the photos I snapped during my convo, looked very much like a lollipop without the robe and like a humpty dumpty with the robe on…



  Without the robe, I looked like a lollipop; with the robe on, i looked like a humpty dumpty…

2.               DO prepare extra formal shirt, just in case similar incident like this happens: Felily Thin (pseudonym) was ironing her formal shirt in room 20x of xx Hotel for the ceremony on next morning. When the iron was in contact with her shirt, to her astonishment, her shirt burnt and stuck on the carpet (the temperature’s too high)!

3.               DO bring plenty of safety pins and jarum peniti to fix your hood in place as well as the tassel on your mortarboard. You need plenty of them, to LEND THEM TO YOUR FRIENDS.

4.               Remind your parents/guests (even yourselve!) not to drink too much water and pay a visit to the toilet before the ceremony, or they/you will have to suffer…




After all, I was still a happy humpty dumpty during my convocation

Novel @ life

Life is like reading a novel

Another significant chapter of mine has been flipped through

A new chapter is about to begin

With brand new elements: plot, setting, character, point of view, and theme











渴望在机缘巧合的配合下 可以继续深造





My 2nd home

So this is my place in my office.


Finally, I have a proper “seat” in my office and this really enhances my sense of belonging towards the team! When I was still a trainee, at first my table was placed at the QS department on 1st floor. When seniors needed to look for me, they called to my hand-phone (no direct line) and I would climb all the way up to 2nd floor to operation department. Day in day out, you would see me climb up and down, up and down between 1st and 2nd floor due to some discussions and meetings. And I was not provided with a PC that time, so I tumpang on colleague’s PC when they were out to sites.  

Soon, I was instructed by my training supervisor to shift up to 2nd floor.  Well, this time the place was no doubt nearer to the department where I really belong to (which is operation department, next to it only) BUT it was an empty department (no one there, the department has been vacated and turned into a store for archives).  Can you imagine the loneliness of being all alone for a talkative person like me? I preferred my initial place, at least there were so many youngsters to entertain me.  

Luckily, I have an ordinary place now (not an extraordinary one). Some salient features about my comfort zone:-  

1) To be decorated       

I name this part as “Samantha’s space”. Have been busy and still lack of idea on what to put up… photos maybe…  

2) Maggie cup?? and 10) 1-sided used paper to be reused

Not to blow my own trumpet, I think I can be the ambassador for any recycling campaign. My manifesto will be something like this:

“Save our mother Earth! Please practice REDUCE, REUSE AND RECYCLE in your daily life!

Simple effort like reusing the maggi cup as your pen-stand instead of buying a new one or use both sides of plain paper before sending it for recycle also can help reducing the volume of discarded waste……”                                     

3) Desktop guardian

Again, it’s a soft toy…nice to see, good to hold as well!  

4) A total of 4 pairs of shoes

I bring a total of 4 pairs of shoes to my office, including the one I was wearing while taking the photo. Why so many?!

– A pair of formal whole-wrapped shoes for formal occasion e.g. meeting, lunch at hotel

– A pair of not-so-slumber shoes for me to walk around within office compound

– Safety boot

– A pair of plastic slipper, in case of mini flash flood. The car park area will be in flood after every downpour, u know?!!

= 4 pairs liao ma!  

6) Safety helmet

I observe this: normally, people in my office put their safety helmets in cabinets, on the tables, or in their cars. I’m the black sheep: I put it on top of my shoe box which is on the floor… and it’s next to my boot some more… the rationale for doing so: so that I will not forget to bring the helmet; I see it when I wear the boot!  

7) The phone

I know this is not a salient feature in the office, but the way I answer a call is really something causing big response among some of my colleagues. Whenever I pick up the call, I will say this spontaneously, “Hello, good morning. This is Samantha speaking.” I myself do not feel awkward about this; thinking of this is a basic manner, but my colleagues who make the call will normally give me this kind of response, “Walao eh! Are you really Samantha?! You sound so different! I thought it’s a leng lui who answers the call!” Well, I do not take it as a compliment anyway…  

8) To-do list and memo

Reminders for people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease like me… nowadays, I’m superb forgetful…  

9) Headphone

I know I look stupid with this headphone on in an office environment… no choice, I need music to keep me awake…  

I’m still planning on how to decorate my desktop, so that it will be more homelike (I regard office as my 2nd home, I spend more than 8 hours per day here!). I think I’ll buy some cactuses…

The following photos depicting a job well done by one of my colleagues:-

Putting up nice photos, with aquarium some more!


Souvenirs from friends.

I spot you, creativity!

Creative job recruitment ad!

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