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Office fun and love 6

Colleague went back to Koala-land for a week.

Saw this pleasant surprise on my work desk the first thing in the morning

Saw this pleasant surprise on my work desk the first thing in the morning

Received also follow-up message. Made my day! :D

Received also follow-up message. Made my day! 😀

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Office fun and love 5

A, in all seriousness, leaned on the edge of my cubicle, frowned, and spoke with dismay,

“Sam, I… I jatuh…”

Me: Oops! What’s wrong?

A: I jatuh cinta…

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Office fun and love 4

Positive reinforcement is better, don't you think? ;)

Positive reinforcement is better, don’t you think? 😉

Colleague: xx is very unprofessional by texting “f*ck you”…

Me: Be positive! Maybe he meant “duck you”, stupid auto-correct! :p

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Office fun and love 3

How can you make the office a more fun place to work in?

1)      Offer massage to your colleagues!

When I need to refresh my attention span, I always go to C’s and F’s place quietly and then shake their chairs left and right vigorously! Manual massage chair! Haha! :p

2)      Decorate your workplace!

I make sure the wombat kisses the cat every day!

I make sure the wombat kisses the cat every day!

I know this kissing scene is inferior compared to my favorite scene below, but it is still a pleasant sight! 🙂

I super like this!!!!

I super like this!!!!


Hokkien is the official language for my company; pizza is the staple diet!


Knowing that I am suffering tonsillitis, W prepared honey lemon juice for me!


My floor underwent renovation. Post-renovation, we have to take off our shoes to enter the department. Now you have to choose your socks carefully! Reminder: color mismatch and holes are eye-catching! :p


Stark contrast: spick and span vs. errr… no comment… That means I’m overloaded, ok? Haha!

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Office fun and love 2

Me: Ms. C is so funny! Nowadays she meows at me to get my attention.

F: Haiya, cats are like that. Can only understand meow.

Me: Haha! Tomorrow I try purring.

F: You can do that but don’t come near to me, I scare that I will kick you. Hate CATS!!!

Me: i call SPCA if you kick me!


F: Samantha is the most heartless colleague we ever have.

C: True! Instead of buying something constructive from her trip, all she bought back were snakes and worms!



Me: I study manuals until so sleepy! So I come up and find you all play.

F: What do you treat our place as?!

Me: Playground!

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Office fun and love!

You know when you give your love away
It opens your heart,
Everything is new. – From the song Amarantine by Enya

Love, takes various forms and needs not be the mushy type. It could be the concern for the good among colleagues. 🙂

The implicit instruction was to send the company-provided xmas cards to external parties, but if giving them to colleagues boosts morale, it would be misdemeanor instead of felony in the eyes of HR, right? 🙂

I decided to give F and C special cards, as they tolerate my kacau-ing the most! Haha! F is such a bad influence: he always brings out the beast in me! Now I become so vulgar! :p

My "middle finger" sketch went viral in the office :p

Card for F. My “middle finger” sketch went viral in the office :p

My masterpiece: xmas tree in disguise! Haha! Can’t you see the similarity? The shape like pine and the fly is analogous to ornament!

Card for C

Card for C

See! When you spread love, you get it back! 🙂 F is a faster runner than me, but he always paces my running. For a moment, I thought he’s teasing that I run slow *shy*

Some more fun!

This corner (my toys and souvenirs) on my desk is an oasis of peace! Colleagues like to play with the cars

Colleague’s work: have you ever realized autocad drawing could be this informal? 😀

Cute mask, for cute cat! If you are required to wear mask, you might as well wear a cute one! You are happy (helps recovery) and colleagues will be entertained too!

Cute mask, for a cute cat! If you are required to wear mask, you might as well wear a cute one! You are happy (helps recovery) and colleagues will be entertained too!

My sanity check: “I need a red pen…” I always have to hesitate a bit on which one to pick… Am I normal or nuts?!

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Size does matter

Size L:


Size M:


Size S!

This is so cute!

An-jing Li-ar

Does my new uniform manage to manifest itself as an outfit for anjing liar (engineer! ) based at site?

It won’t stimulate your fantasy towards uniforms for sure!

The tailor made me the ladies’ cut wo!

Bonus in jeopardy 2008

I think my bosses sure suffer headache whenever they think of me…

People always advise: don’t fight with the boss. I guess I never learn….


Boss 1: You said you are very busy nowadays, but I heard you already went jogging at 6pm the other day.

Me: I wanna emphasize, I’m not free at all. I’ve done the calculation, instead of falling sick & suffering for migraine and go for MC so often, might as well I go off from work earlier for exercise.

Boss 1: I’m just kidding, don’t worry!

Me: It’s not funny, boss.


Me: Boss, do you understand what I’m trying to highlight in my email?

Boss 2: Yea, I know! You are trying to be sarcarstic!

Me: ……

Boss 2: Boss 1 and I think that you must be very free.

Me: Trust me, I’m not free at all. Instead of keeping silent about this issue, I choose to voice out.

Boss 2: Yea, I know! We are just kidding!

Me: It’s not funny, boss.

Men & women at work!

Instead of having a discussion in the office comfortably, my colleagues (I had to follow, reluctantly) drove all the way to the site with issue to be ironed out and did brainstorming in the middle of a road with live traffic and under scorching sun…..

I spot you, creativity!

Series #9 Light bulb reuse!

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