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Batam Trip – Concluding Remark

I had currency shock during the trip. When I reached Singapore, I was poorer by 2.3 times and my buying power also shrunk… But KG and I remained not long in the state of poverty. I had so much gratification seeing the digits in my account! I possessed $ 7 millions! Was this what we call a caviar-eating lifestyle when we could spend $260,130 just for lunch? In rupiah of course, hehe…


Before we went flying aloft, the cute yet friendly tour guide stared at YK and me for quite some time, then she inquired, “Both of you are friends?” I caught no balls but YK already retorted before I could really digest the question properly, “Why? We look alike?” She doubted, “Yea! Are you sure both of you are not siblings (I can remember vividly, she used the phrase of 兄妹oh! Which means YK looked older!! *暗爽*)

Alike meh?

After observing all the photos we snapped, I would say NOPE, I don’t resemble YK in looks BUT I think there is a degree of likeness between me and KF!

Alike la!

As a concluding remark, I enjoyed the companion from the 3 gentlemen very much during the trip. And it’s always my delight to meet Sue Cing and siao gia Ah Lun again, I laughed my heart out until my jaw also almost fell.

Most siao photos of the trip: Pretty feet enhancing the photos

So, when is the next trip la?

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偶尔木目心 人尔











木目心 人尔

This baby is so special!

This cute baby boy is baby-sat by my mom. Instead of learning how to crawl or creep, he opts to move around using his very own way, which I find is the easier way! Bravo!

TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine)

To be able to get involved in SMART(Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel) project has always been a dream of mine, considering it as one of the internationally acclaimed mega projects in Malaysia.

I’ve heard some much about the tunnel boring machine (TBM) and have been looking forward to get on board one day:-

It is known that the tunnel boring machine is the most advanced and cost effective method used in the construction of tunnel in Europe.” (Extracted from

But when I have the chance to really visit the TBM, I was slightly disappointed… I know it’s too much to compare the TBM with Star Trek, but I was expecting more futuristic features on the machine ler…

I have to take locomotive to reach the TBM.


We looked like general workers only…

He looks so cool, compared to the both of us above…





藏着 (对你的好感)

藏着 (某些失落)

藏着 (心中的荡漾)

















Batam Trip – Part 2

Here comes the delayed Part 2. 

(a) Just a little bit of Introduction

The Batam island in the Riau Islands Province of Indonesia, known for a free trade zone as a part of the Sijori Growth Triangle, is located 20 km (12.5 miles) off the Singapore‘s south coast (about 1 hour free ride). The 415 km² (160 miles²) has a population of 700,000, most of whom are Malays (85%) and Chinese (14%). A few of indigenous Orang Laut tribes still live in the island (Quoted from Wikipedia).

(b) Activities

Click on the link below, (forwarded by Sue) to have a glance on what kind of activities can be done at Batam island.

Off all, we tried spa + traditional massage, go-carting and parasailing

Jacuzzi session for the guys and sauna session for me. I like the 2nd photo  hehe…

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Being the sole cute female for the trip, I was very much being marginalized… Sobbing…


Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh up in the sky~!

Only YK and KF went for go-carting; KG and I were the pom-pom boy and gal.

There was one controversy about the massage bed. YK asked me whether or not the massage bed for lady has 3 holes (1 to place the head, and parallel-2 for the uh-hem..) as the bed for guy has 2 holes (1 for the head and 1 for the uh-hem). But I observed there weren’t 2nd and 3rd holes for my bed!

2 holes? 3 holes?

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This blog is backdated to 14 Feb 2007.

愿与结拜姐姐( 分享:





Yucky yawn

Excerpt taken from Wikipedia about YAWN:  

A previous long-standing hypothesis is that yawning is caused by an excess of carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen in the blood. The brain stem detects this and triggers the yawn reflex. The mouth stretches wide and the lungs inhale deeply, bringing oxygen into the lungs and hence to the bloodstream.  

So I suppose it is perfectly understandable why I say it is yucky to yawn when you are shitting in the toilet… YUCK!

Batam Trip – Part 1

I went on a trip to Singapore + Pulau Batam on 26-29 Jan 2007 with the companion of Kar Guan (KG), Yong Khang (YK) and KF (Kah Fei). 

It is too time-consuming and I am too tired to write about all the interesting stuff all at once, so I shall write in parts.

There was one important discovery during the trip!!! Everyone, hold your breath!

*It’s about KG….*


*Feel so heavy to reveal this…*




*Actually ho….*


Actually KG’s a flasher!!!!

KG, please show your mercy… Don’t kill me please…

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Say no to portable toilets

I have phobia towards portable toilets. If I were to have call of nature when I am at remote area, I’d rather let my bladder pecah or take it as Kegel exercise and flex my pubococcygeus muscle tighter, than visiting the portable toilet.  

Telling my friends/colleagues around about my phobia, they will normally comment that I must have thought too much.  

The following photo stands to reason, that it’s not an empty aversion of mine to be anti portable toilets, somehow it will happen….


I’ll really be in deep shit if I were to be in the portable toilet and the guy doesn’t know about my existence…

I spot you, creativity!

Creative job recruitment ad!

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