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Kiang doh hor!

Mai geh kiang! Translation: don’t act smart!

On Oct 13th, it was my first time to have near-faint experience (there’s medical term for this actually: syncope or presyncope), what a milestone!

On that Saturday, I woke up around 7.30am, headed to the hospital in the hope to do my medical checkup. To my utmost frustration, not only the staff there fucked up my appointment, they served me rather rudely. After lodging a complaint to the PR department, feeling drained due to my fury, I reached home around 10am, swallowed 5 dumplings and I slept until 2.30pm. I skipped lunch because I really did not feel hungry at all. Then I set off to meet A up for Nike Run.

There was actually counter giving out complimentary energy bars but I just felt stuffed. Besides, familiarities bred complacency: I thought my normal training with F after work was already around 8km, so 10km run should be just a piece of cake for me. Holding on to this notion, I also did not stop by any water station to replenish. It just did not occur to me that I would be dehydrated and running out of sugar at the end of the run (Ignorance!)

I was very sure I was just running my normal pace instead of doing over-exertion (the official record could prove this). After dashing through finish line, I had to stop abruptly because the entrance to the race village was a bottle neck and the crowd’s at a stand-still. I was standing in the middle of the crowd initially then very soon I started to feel lightheaded and suffocated, so I moved to the side way to grasp air. I was trying very hard to breathe in deeply, but the oxygen just couldn’t reach the brain! From standing, I became weaker and weaker, cold-sweating non-stop and had to cling to the barrier, at the same time grasped like a fish out of water.

I could imagine my face turned as pale as white paper as this concerned a pair of Chinese couple who passed by and asked, “Are you ok?”

“I think I’m going to faint… how can I temporarily unhook this barrier? I need to stay away from the crowd.”

“Inhale deeply using only your nose, then now exhale slowly while saying ‘hahaha’ aloud.”

I tried my best, but I was so weak I could only “ha” or “haha” instead of “hahaha”.

My hearing started to shut down on me, followed by my vision, the whole world seemed fading away. Before I went blackout, I saw stars in front of me! So cartoon is based on real experience after all! I really had a feeling my life was draining away, and I even thought, “If my brain’s damaged for being out of oxygen for too long, then too bad! Oh, poor A! She won’t be able to contact me when she finishes her run.”

“I think she cannot make it already. Let’s lift her up to cross the barrier!” People around me held my legs, supported my back, lifted me aloft and passed me across the barrier, the people standing across got me and slowly put me down on the empty walkway. I was really grateful but I couldn’t remember if I thanked the people who bailed me out of my misery.

One angmoh, whom I liken to a knight in shining armour, was just people-watching at the walkway initially.  He witnessed what happened to me from the moment I reached the finish line. When I was trying to catch my breath sitting at the empty walkway, the angmoh approached me promptly, handed me a bottle of 1.5L 100 Plus, “Drink this!”

After the first gulp, I could clench my fists again, I knew my life was restored! I gulped down half a bottle of 100 Plus, and my senses all came back to me now and I could stand up again.

I think I damaged my body to a certain degree after the run:-

1) I felt chest pain, the kind of pain that I felt along the ascent to Mount Kinabalu

2) Not only I was high until the evening of Sunday, I was always hungry! The body was like still in shock and trying to recover from the sugar deficit. Scary!

For being reckless, I got bashing from people who cared. LW even sent a “marathon nutrition” lecturing via whatsapp. The near-faint experience is really terrifying and it has taught me well that I shouldn’t take things easily again! A week after the Nike Run, I ran my first half marathon in Putrajaya. I became very kiasi! Before the run, I made sure I was carbo- and potassium loaded, most importantly I ate before the run! (Haha!) How could I forget when I received quite some messages before the run reminding me to eat! (hehe!) !) During the run, I stopped by almost every water station and I consumed my energy bar at the interval of 7km. So, I learnt from my mistake! 😉


Let’s celebrate by….

Bringing our beloved soft toys to tour around Northern Thailand and Laos for a total of 16 days! Why the jubilation you ask? Because New Zealand being one of the first few countries to greet each new day, is already on 20121221, and I’m still blogging! :p Or it’s still too early to tell? As Guatemala (where Mayan civilization was based) has not greeted the “Friday” yet?

Me: Doraemon (soft toy, her xmas gift from me) awaits! First outing with hippo! *giggle*

Sue: I’m bringing my tram (her pillow)! Lol!

Me: Oh! Transport for hippo and doraemon!

Sue: Hippo will crush it! No!


While driving to work subconsciously, my thoughts ran wild:-

1) The prophecy did not say the world will end at what time on 20121221

2) for ancient Mayan, no time zone system yet!

3) Great minds think alike! Haha! Answer for FAQ no. 3 is what I have in mind too! 😀

The ability to relate

Something bothered me a lot, was trying to quiet down and listen to my heart, and ….. I fell asleep even before the clock struck 9pm!

I woke up at ungodly hour like now, got to read the following and I burst out laughing!

My reply: i must praise u for your great ability to relate! lolor translate?

My reply: i must praise u for your great ability to relate! lol
or translate?

Now all sleepy bugs are banished…. Gonna be a sleepless night, all because I have a friend who has the great ability to relate (or translate?). Life is good! Haha!

*no offense to the name mentioned 🙂 *

Lame joke attempt

sing sang sung!

sing sang sung!

one day, one day!

one day, one day!

Ho ho ho!

Ho ho ho!

My life in NZ – the Epilogue

Is this what we call “jumping to conclusions” (writing about concluding remarks before the body)? :p

I went to NZ with a lot of emotional baggage: felt guilty about my past and dread about my future. The whole working holiday experience has been a medicine to my soul. I met a lot of nice people and I had a lot of quiet time to look inwardly. The following are some significant impacts the experience brought into my life:-

Live in the present.

You might think that the song “Glad You Came” by the Wanted sounds superficial. I like the song just because it sings, “The sun goes down The stars come out And all that counts Is here and now”.

My grasp about this concept was rather limited, until one day A advised, “Forget about the past and the future, focus on NOW! You have a job, working as a manager in a top-rated hostel, you meet all sorts of nice people! There’s really no reason to feel sad now.” I was like struck by lightning and an imaginary light bulb was lighted up forever 🙂

I like you and you like me? Let’s be together for a bit, even if the relationship leads to nowhere. I saw this as one of the many manifestation of living in the present while I was in NZ. I was attracted to this kind of mindset. I think this works, with the prerequisite that what you do does not harm or hurt anybody (including you yourself!). But the romantic story G once told me is unacceptable, that’s cheating to me! :p

G being someone who speaks his mind, told me one day, “I don’t like your Malaysian friends. They are so full of negative energy.  They worry too much. When you first came, you were like them.”

A week before I left the hostel, G said, “Don’t you think you are now more like kiwi? More casual! And more carefree!”

Me: Oh! I’m so glad to hear this. But I thought you just mock I still eat like an Asian?

G: That part of you won’t ever change, Sam!

Of course I have not fully mastered the art of living in the present yet (e.g. I always fall asleep whenever I try to meditate, hahaha), but I’ve started to embrace it 🙂

With this concept in mind, I now become an advocate of “Liking someone? Go confess your feeling!” Then friends who came to me for advices would ask:-

“What if he/she rejects? I no face….” or

“But do you think this relationship will work for both us?” or

“He/she did so, so and so, do you think he/she likes me?”

“No, I think I wanna wait for him/her to take the first step…”

Life is short. In the face of death, very little stuff matters. Steve Jobs said “all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important.” Get the message? Why not live in the present? Go confess! (Haha, note to self as well!)

Besides, I have now become more expressive about my feelings e.g. apologizing to parents and friends, telling colleagues I enjoy their company, etc. Why wait when you can do it now?

Learn to let go.

Learning to let go is such an important chapter in NZ! While watching the movie “Life of Pi”, I can’t control my tears from streaming down when I heard the adult Pi said, “I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye.” That just coincides so much with how I feel.

Have a little faith.

I was really touched by the movie “Life of Pi”. Again this quote was from the same movie:-

“Even when God seemed to have abandoned me, he was watching. Even when he seemed indifferent to my suffering, he was watching. And when I was beyond all hope of saving, he gave me rest. Then he gave me a sign to continue my journey.”

The above quote in the movie touched my soul because I have experienced it time and time again. I don’t know how to put in words about how I felt whenever (I feel that) my prayers were being answered but this quote is close enough 🙂

“A story with God is the better story.” This echoes what I concluded while I was in NZ. “Have a little faith” by Mitch Albom is a book which I could really relate as well and made me cried like a siao zabo!

Happiness is a conscious choice that you make.

The most powerful advice I received in NZ!

The most powerful advice I received in NZ!

When I did my self-reflection in NZ, I realized I always counted on others (people as well as materials) to make me happy. “I was twenty-eight and still waiting for someone to come and make me okay” – excerpt from the powerful book SG recommended, gives exactly the right picture how I used to behave. That explains why I was so restless. I did not like being alone at all. I would make sure my free time was occupied with all sorts of activities.

Now that I can spend my weekends with just myself (and hippo), I can travel on my own, I like alternating happening and quiet time, become very less a materialist (to my own standard of course!), but I’m generally happier! 🙂 I guess I’ve made my choice.

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My life in NZ in a nutshell – Part 4: Call me a zucchini picker!

zucchini a.k.a. courgette! Interesting fact from Wikipedia: “Botanically, however, the zucchini is an immature fruit, being the swollen ovary of the zucchini flower”

zucchini a.k.a. courgette! Interesting fact from Wikipedia: “Botanically, however, the zucchini is an immature fruit, being the swollen ovary of the zucchini flower”

Zucchini picking is the most strenuous labor I have ever got myself into so far in my life! The nature of job requires the pickers to bend their backs a lot and hence putting a lot of strains on their backs and knees. Back pain is the most unbearable part of the job to me. I had to arch my back backward every 10 minutes or so to alleviate the pain. L always persuaded that the job is good for toning our butts. My back pain is gone now (thanks be to god!), but then whenever I think about zucchini, I can still feel the “phantom pain”!

Pickers at work

Pickers at work

Zucchini can really grow I tell you!

Zucchini can really grow I tell you!

Picking in front of the conveyor belt has higher risk of being hit

Picking in front of the conveyor belt has higher risk of being hit

Zucchini picking brings indirect stress too. On the first day of lunar New Year, I had nightmare about harvesting zucchini (can’t really remember the details already, but it’s about being hit by the moving conveyor belt) and woke up in the middle of night and screamed in Cantonese, “Help! Help! Save me!”

It's this tiring you know?

It’s this tiring you know?

Some friends are really “supportive” about me working in the farm… :p

Me: D*mn! Zucchini picking is such a hard job. Working at funky is really not bad after all!

N: How hard can that possibly be? Maybe tough for you because of your soft hands.

Me: My back pain is killing me!!!

N: You may be the laziest Asian I have ever met!

Ah ball: ape ni….u wanted to work in farms when u decided to go for your work-holiday trip wad… cannot complain so much :p

The market price for zucchini depends on their sizes. When there’s ample supply in the market, customers tend to buy smaller zucchini as they are tenderer in texture. The big boss of our picking team once showed us the difference in perspective: when asked about which size to choose, Asian will always go for bigger size, cheaper but more flesh! (Haha)

Work hard, play harder!

Work hard, play harder!

Still playing... Die die also want to take jumping shot

Still playing… Die die also want to take jumping shot



We were saying among the team mates that we had shown our most authentic and the ugliest sides to each other:-

a) We had to answer the call of nature in open air most of the time

b) Our working attire is a kind of sunk cost because there is this sticky secretion from the zucchini plants that when it gets in contact with our clothes, it is almost impossible to remove the stains. For this, we normally bought our working wears from Salvation Army to save cost. Suffice to say, you won’t see us wearing this kind of clothes when we go back to our normal routine 🙂

During rainy days, we had to be plastic-bag-women

During rainy days, we had to be plastic-bag-women because the gumboots were not 100% waterproof

c) It’s hard work under scorching sun, we all had poor skin condition and we sweated profusely!

We were also saying we would never ever gonna forget each other because there’s nothing that could top 20120122 as the most unforgettable Chinese new year eve for us: we picked zucchini for 12 freaking continuous hours! And 1 hour was in the rain! Still had to continue picking even though everyone was already shivering in cold!

My beloved partner, H. He’s stuck with me because we both worked on harvesting the same rows. For this, we always had off-day together and got to explore the town together.

My beloved partner, H. He’s stuck with me because we both worked on harvesting the same rows. For this, we always had off-day together and got to explore the town together.

Me and H in Wellington

Me and H in Wellington

The only sight of cuteness working as picker would be seeing the same frightened brown rabbit fled from the farm very frequently 🙂 K said, “Maybe it’s trying to lead me to a wonderland!”

Not only S and Y purposely drove all the way from Wellington to Levin for our get-together, S even woke up very early to prepare this for me (became my lunch for the day after). This is when you know you are being loved as a friend!

Not only S and Y purposely drove all the way from Wellington to Levin for our get-together, S even woke up very early to prepare this for me (became my lunch for the day after). This is when you know you are being loved as a friend!

Hard labor begets hunger! I ate like a dinosaur during that 1 month working as picker: I need a lot of carbohydrate to fuel my labor! The good thing was that I remained very slim no matter how much I ate! Another “benefit” that I reaped by being a picker was that my legs became very cold-resistant! Besides, I had to keep walking around, to prevent my legs from going numb (see the following paragraph). After work, when everyone just wanted to lie in the bed doing nothing, I would walk 40 minutes to and fro to go steal free wifi at McD almost on daily basis.

Eat like dinosaur but do not have the size of one!

Eat like dinosaur but do not have the size of one!

Zucchini made you suffer? Eat them!Demonstration for "revenge is sweet"!

Zucchini made you suffer? Eat them!
Demonstration for “revenge is sweet”!

I’m very sure I wasn’t being a spoilt brat because many people left the jobs while I just strove on. The highest record stood at quitting the job only 4 hours into picking. It’s just too hard! Almost every (legal) seasonal job in NZ pays the minimum wage, I don’t see why one has to work extra hard to be paid the same salary. Two weeks into the job, the pitfall began to surface and I started to worry. Whenever I sat down, both my legs went numb (like blood circulation’s being blocked). 3 weeks into the job, I couldn’t feel both of my big toes! It then dawned on me that this is not a job that I should be doing for long term. The whole reason why I chose this job was that the supervisor promised to issue a letter of support to accompany my visa extension application with the condition that I had to work for the team for 3 months. “Working holiday should not cause irreversible damage to my body.” With this in mind, I made the heavy decision not to extend my working holiday and just to make the best of out the remaining 1 month in NZ.

I taw I taw a pussy tat!

Life living at Levin Motor Camp: I taw I taw a pussy tat!

Life living at Levin Motor Camp

Life living at Levin Motor Camp

With S, the supervisor who is quick to angry but kind at heart

With S, the supervisor who is quick to angry but kind at heart

When I was still working as picker, I always pondered: how can I make the best out of the hardship. I wasn’t sure where the path will lead me to in terms of being a better and more mature person in life. Sue said, “Little hardship makes us appreciate life better”.  CC said, “Don’t be so sad… now you learn how to appreciate your desk job more :p”

Ok, I’ll not complain anymore that being an engineer sucks! :p

Call us zucchini pickers!

Call us zucchini pickers!

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Office fun and love!

You know when you give your love away
It opens your heart,
Everything is new. – From the song Amarantine by Enya

Love, takes various forms and needs not be the mushy type. It could be the concern for the good among colleagues. 🙂

The implicit instruction was to send the company-provided xmas cards to external parties, but if giving them to colleagues boosts morale, it would be misdemeanor instead of felony in the eyes of HR, right? 🙂

I decided to give F and C special cards, as they tolerate my kacau-ing the most! Haha! F is such a bad influence: he always brings out the beast in me! Now I become so vulgar! :p

My "middle finger" sketch went viral in the office :p

Card for F. My “middle finger” sketch went viral in the office :p

My masterpiece: xmas tree in disguise! Haha! Can’t you see the similarity? The shape like pine and the fly is analogous to ornament!

Card for C

Card for C

See! When you spread love, you get it back! 🙂 F is a faster runner than me, but he always paces my running. For a moment, I thought he’s teasing that I run slow *shy*

Some more fun!

This corner (my toys and souvenirs) on my desk is an oasis of peace! Colleagues like to play with the cars

Colleague’s work: have you ever realized autocad drawing could be this informal? 😀

Cute mask, for cute cat! If you are required to wear mask, you might as well wear a cute one! You are happy (helps recovery) and colleagues will be entertained too!

Cute mask, for a cute cat! If you are required to wear mask, you might as well wear a cute one! You are happy (helps recovery) and colleagues will be entertained too!

My sanity check: “I need a red pen…” I always have to hesitate a bit on which one to pick… Am I normal or nuts?!

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Unorthodox dictionary of meow, and friends!

Being in a multilingual country, we just have to be less “literature-righteous” I suppose? 🙂

Let me demonstrate to you the fun of dropping the righteousness! :p

1) Allow fusion of languages to take place! Literal translation should suffice!




Origin=Hokkien. Translating literally, it means grandma’s clock but it’s the substitute for “amazing”! Haha!

Melon tofu



Origin=Cantonese (I could be wrong!). It is NOT a kind of dish! Rather, it means “mishap”, translating literally from 冬瓜豆腐!

2) Be efficient! Use acronym!




Origin=Cantonese. Acronym for “mang zang” which means impatient, mad, about to throw a tantrum.

Don’t make me MZ!”




Origin=Malay. Acronym for “agak-agak”, meaning guessing.

“How did you get this design parameter?” “Err… I AGAG!”





Origin=Cantonese. Acronym for “mong cha cha”, meaning being blur.

I try to understand the theory, but the more I read, the more MC2 I get!”

2012 is coming to an end!

Wow! Procrastinator first time writing about concluding remarks for the year in advance! Applause! :p

2012 is a year of great travelling, workout and reading for me! Oh yeah! It’s also a year of great jumping! Hahaha!

My first gift received in 2012!

My first gift received in 2012!

First gift came together with this first card! When can I have my hiking and caravaning partner? :p

First gift came together with this first card! When can I have my hiking and caravaning partner? :p

The travelling!

Left footprints in New Zealand (Nelson – Abel Tasman – Wellington – Levin – Napier – Wanganui – Auckland), Australia (revisited Victoria – Tasmania), China (Tianjin, Beijing, Handan, Shanghai, Hangzhou), Singapore. Not forgetting the upcoming Thailand + Laos trip.

NZ and OZ: Oh! I miss the cold weather and the clear blue sky! I also miss my carefree days, when happiness was made up of very basic and simple things like having meat in the diet and being able to have ice cream after meal. Can you imagine, I even found joy in washing toilets? (Haha! But I must clarify the toilets in NZ are a lot less hideous). I also miss being able to hug and kiss (peck on cheek) freely. I remember G mocked that I hugged too loosely, like a grandma, and that I was ashamed of the hugs. Now that I learnt how to hug passionately, I can’t do that here, it is like a kind of taboo. While I was in Beijing, touched by JP’s kindness, I gave him a hug before we parted. He’s in total shock! Now I only received powerful hugs and kisses from foreign friends who visited me in KL… There were several occasions when I felt the urge to give someone a hug, nothing sexual, just to express that I enjoyed someone’s company or touched by someone’s kindness or even just simply because I wanted to show I cared, but I just had to dismissed the thought!

Gloating about being able to have eskimo pies!

Gloating about being able to have eskimo pies!

China: The whole reason why I adopted the name of “Sam” because I thought my given Chinese name is too girly for me. But I miss how Kev’s family pronounced my name as 莹莹儿, sounded so warm!

Singapore: I like being welcomed as a foreign guest and how friends really tried to make time for you! Special thanks to Shirely, Tina, Suecing, ah Ball, Taur, Richard, and CG!

Singapore: It's fun to catch up with friends who enjoy your sampatness!

Singapore: It’s fun to catch up with friends who enjoy your sampatness!


Ok, I don’t feel right not to mention about my cuti-cuti Malaysia trips covered during the weekends mostly (Haha! 崇洋媚外!). I have visited old palace, Colmar Tropicale, UK farm + revisit Batu Pahat, Kuala Selangor, Taiping, and Penang!

Me, acting out my "creativity" in BP :p

Me, acting out my “creativity” in BP :p

The workout!

In 2012, I walked, hiked, jogged, biked, ran more than all the mileage combined from 2006 (after graduation from KUiTTHO) to 2011. Significant mileage came from the following events:-

a) NZ: Abel Tasman hike and kayak

b) NZ: working as zucchini picker = sheer hell! Walked around and bent my back for a total of 204 hours!

c) NZ: Biked to wineries in Napier = 20km

d) NZ: Coast-to-coast walk in Auckland = 16km

e) Standard Chartered KL Marathon = 10km

f) Nike Run = 10km

g) Putrajaya Night Marathon = 21km

h) Training leading to my second half marathon in life (mid July to mid Nov) = 128km

Hey! Statistics don’t lie! But I can’t believe it is so little! So averagely I only jogged 32km/month or 8km/week!

SG ran 30km/week! 😦 Suecing trying to console: i jog 2km/year! 😀

i) Penang Bridge International Marathon = 21km


With sweat and pain!

j) Biked around at Wanganui (NZ), Pulau Ubin (SG) and Penang

Catch-up with SG after not meeting each other for 6 years!!! It was a fun hang out!

Catch-up with SG after not meeting each other for 6 years!!! It was a fun hang out!

Oh! I got to train a bit of softball with KL and the gang

Oh! I got to train a bit of softball with KL and the gang

The reading!

I have been really productive this year! Good books caused sleepless nights (burning midnight oil to finish reading) as well as puffy eyes (cried too much!).

The jumping!

I reckon I took the most jumping shots this year! Just when I almost attained nirvana in both taking jumping shots and doing the jump, I got my 4th ligament injury! No more jumping shots for me! I’m still in denial about the injury: I refuse to share the photo capturing the moment of shame :p

Macam-macam ada jump!

Macam-macam ada jump!



Other major/special events!

a) Visited Perhentian island for the first time!

b) Changed career path! I know, I know, it’s a bold move! 

L: Macam mana kerja lu kat KL ni?

Me: I jadi consultant dah

L: Alamak! consultant? Lu boleh duduk diam kat office meh? Buat design?

c) I sort of became part time tour guide! I seriously think, besides full time tour guides or those who actually work there, no one can beat my records: visited Batu Caves x 5 times and KL City Gallery x 6 times!

d) First time hugging sheep!

e) Fireflies watching!


Oh! My blog is going through renaissance this year after being dead for almost a year while I was in Melbourne. I think my extra reading acted as a catalyst for writing more: the more vocab I learn, the more I wanna use them (kiasu)! Besides, i’m having memory like sieve as I grow older busier. So, writing is good, lest I forget. *updating updates* I realize I am behindhand with clearing backlog of blog while writing this post, gotta gear up! Too many to do, too little time (and energy!)

I discovered something very spirit-lifting in 2012 too! Suecing always says I’m the most technical person, until she met CC, haha! I like CC’s “technicality”, but she’s a no-nonsense type of person so I can’t really kacau her that much…. CN also once remarked that, “You’re educated, but more than that you’re naturally curious and pretty sharp…those are very powerful things.” But at times, I offended people’s feelings for being too technical. To some people, it’s 赢了又何喜,输了更可悲… BUT, I’m so glad I discovered someone who’s equally (if not, more) curious and geeky! *eyes blinking* I’m a happy soul now! 🙂 I pray that someone would not be pestered by my frequent kacau-ing!

Banter/Scenes which are still funny even with the passing of time – Part 2

Took place in KUiTTHO:-

One day, I suddenly sprinted through the corridor in the hostel, screaming, “NF, fast fast come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

NF screamed back, “What’s wrong?”

Me: cats are fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fast fast come watch!

NF: -_____________-

Interesting! No? :p

Photo grabbed from


Also took place in KUiTTHO:-

PT liked to sing (a lot) within the confines of the wall of our hostel room. I couldn’t help, but always had to process all the lyrics she’s singing!

PT: *singing* 我可以抱你嗎 愛人…

Me: 不可以!!!

PT: *still singing* 讓我在你肩膀哭泣 …

Me: 都讲不可以lo!

PT:  $%^&*()


PT: *singing* … 天空  劃著長長的….

Me: 大便!!!!

*then both burst out laughing!*




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I spot you, creativity!

Series #9 Light bulb reuse!

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The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

To kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge

Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

A Fresh Start by John Chapman

Inspiring quotes!

If someone prays for patience, you think God gives them patience? Or does he give them the opportunity to be patient? If he prayed for courage, does God give him courage, or does he give him opportunities to be courageous? If someone prayed for the family to be closer, do you think God zaps them with warm fuzzy feelings, or does he give them opportunities to love each other? (God in "Evan Almighthy")
“To love another person is to see the face of God.” ― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” -Mark Twain
Aggie: "But what about the people who hurt you? Don't you ever want to make them suffer?" Norman Babcock: "Well, yeah, but what good would that do? You think just because there's bad people that there's no good ones either? I thought the same thing for a while. But there's always someone out there for you. Somewhere." - Paranorman
“You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” by Walter Hagen
Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other, body thoroughly used up, body totally worn out and screaming "WOOOHOOOO what a ride!" - by anonymous
When you travel, it’s not like you take a part of each place away with you; rather, it’s as if you leave a part of yourself there, like a part of you forever belongs to that place – the time, the people, and the things you saw; and over time, it gets burned deeper into your soul - by anonymous