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On 16 August 2006, I’ve done a masterpiece. I turned my car into a great artistic work by banging it against someone’s car from behind, the outcome: the bonnet of my car warped and the coolant reservoir leaked… Actually, this should be a tragedy, but I just could not figure out why in the end it turned out to be a comedy because many people laughed WITH me (I’m sure, they laughed WITH me, not laughing AT me) when I told them the story.  

The most frequently asked questions were “What were you doing that time?” To be frank, I really could not recall… I was not driving fast, but was crawling along Jalan Sungai Besi. I just remembered when I realized that I needed to press on the brake pedal; my car already kissed the back of the car in front. I think most probably I was day-dreaming 

It is after this accident that I get to know terms like No Claim Bonus (NCB), Third Party coverage, comprehensive coverage and the proper procedures to be followed if we meet with an accident. So, can you imagine that I was totally helpless after the bang. I called my immediate senior to come save me. As we were negotiating with the poor owner of the car in front (hereafter in this blog referred to as “the victim"), another colleague passed by and joined in. And this colleague called another colleague to come with a digicam. Luckily there were them to be with me to do most of the negotiation and helping me to make most of the decisions. The victim in the end asked, “So all of you working together?” My colleague then answered, “Ya, we are all from SMART project.” At that point, for the first time I felt the bond is there, we are so-bonded and so together 

The tow car arrived around 6.55 pm to tow my car to the workshop. I heard one of the colleague moaned, “Oh no! We forgot to go buy 4D! I think her car plate number will be drawn as one of the winning numbers la! Should leave now, and see if I still can make it!” (In the end, none of us made it to buy…)  

Once I reached home, weary in body and mind, I was scolded by my mom kao kao. Not for driving recklessly, but for not informing her at firsthand that I met with an accident. “You should have called me at once! So that I can go buy 4D! Our car plate number is drawn as special prize, u know?!”  

WASTED!!! I should have bought 4D… or I won’t be this broke now…



A blog dedicated to Felicia, the TaeKwon-Do Kid

“Wow! What a fantastic downward chop!”

“Boo… The side-kick of Nicholas Tze is inferior to Stephen Chow’s (in Shaolin Soccer) ler!”

If anyone were to watch the “Dragon Tiger Gate” (龙虎门) together with me and Felicia, the above-mentioned conversation was very likely to be heard…

There was one time, me and Felicia were attending a Taekwon-Do tournament in Muar, Johor and we went to withdraw money from an ATM machine together. Along the process, we noticed that there was one Bangladeshi kept on peeping us from behind. He really got our goat and made the both of us so alert of the possible danger and risk of being robbed once we got our money! We started to whisper, as we could not let the robber-look-alike behind us knew our plan and we could not scream for help also, siapa tau he would poke us with a hidden blade?

“Samantha, do you still remember the back-kick I taught you? Later, when I count till 3, you back-kick the fella behind using your right leg and I’ll do left back-kick, ok?”

"Huh?! My back-kick is never good one wo! I afraid I’ll tersasar from the target le! Can I use side-kick?” I really got the adrenaline pumping that time: kicking a man in the full glare of publicity wo!

“Ok, deal! Get ready and I’ll start to countdown…”

At that point, a lot of what-ifs flashed through: what if the fella manages to grab our legs when we kick? What if he manages to block our attack and counterattack us? What if… but Felicia’s countdown pulled me back to the reality.

“1, 2…….”

Before Felicia really got to mumble out the “3”, both of us already turned round and were about to raise our legs and kick. Almost equivalent to a reflex response to our turn round, this Bangladeshi prompted us with this question, “Boleh tolong saya keluarkan duit?” while he’s trying to hand over his ATM card and a piece of paper with his password written on it to us!  

Both of us really kena bombed! After all, the peeping was just actually an effort to observe how we withdraw… So the both of us started to scold him kao kao for simply trusting strangers like us, we could just run away with his card and password! We spent quite some time to show him through the procedures of withdrawing (loud applause for the both of us, thank you!). And the Bangladeshi was really grateful for our help.

Both of us still can laugh hilariously over this incident even until now. After we watched the “Dragon Tiger Gate”, we decided to snap nice photos of kicking. For god’s sake, I do not practice any kicking for ages and we snapped the following photos without proper warming up beforehand…

1st attempt: the smiles are good+ the kicks are ok, but where’s the other half of Felicia’s face?

2nd attempt: still the same problem, I guess Felicia’s face is just too big to be fitted into the photos…


3rd attempt: Samantha, what happened to your arm? And why must all your toes spaced apart?!


4th attempt: errr… aesthetic value of the toes….


Last attempt: finally, both of us terpaksa content with this one, cuz we got body-aching liao by doing all the kicking…










别忘了你对Odocoileus virginianus 过敏

记得尽量避免接触含有Odocoileus virginianus成分的物品


而且Odocoileus virginianus 有碍于心康复的进度




























A debt of gratitude

My journey ends. Gotta get back to routine working life again. Shall I name it "the journey of finding-the-strong-old-me" or "the rejuvenation trip" ?

Thank you to RambuTan.  Thanks for the Milo O kao made.  Thanks for the companion to have lunch with this gal who was having diarrhea, my tasteless bread seemed tastier…  Thank you for the free ride offered to Times Square.  Sorry to let you get trapped in the jam, I know you were in a hurry that day.  Sorry, not that you are a terrible singer, just that I really don’t wish to listen to Tong Hua anymore.

Arigato, Chan Mama.  Thanks for the concern.  I knew I looked awful that day before departing to Pudu from the office due to the diarrhea and some kind of unforeseeable phobia.  Can you see the sorrow in my eyes? Cuz I know by the time I come back, you will no longer be with SMART.

Danke, YK.  Thank you for the companion along the journey back to BP. Time elapsed faster when being with a nice yet good-looking chatter box like you  Thanks to YK’s little sister as well.  I always wish I can have an energetic and talkative sister like you.  My little sister is good though, but she’s just too lemah lembut (YBLoke, don’t kill me when you get to read this!)

谢谢你,, Asum Jeffie Alonso. Thanks for all the heartfelt messages.  I tend to 依赖  you so much, because you understand pretty well about how painful it is to be like me and all the suffering that I’m going through now.  我们同坐一条船,我们有着一样的痛。

Jutaan terima kasih to all the 大便RensSs: CT Kong, Ah Beng, Mew, Stephie, Irene and Moon.  Thanks for the support and cares all along the way, since the day when we were in the family of Rakan Kecergasan. Mew, sorry for conquering your bed.  Ah Beng, thank you so much, now that I know how to carry a motorbike already!!

Kamsahamnida, Ah Siii-te-ven. Thanks for coming all the way for the yum cha session.  And you broke your promise: you still speed while you were on your way back, and stop calling me SamanthaS-no-Ass le! I think I’ll hug you if I receive flowers or soft toys from you during my convo. hehe

Merci beaucoup, hippo ACCO.  It’s kinda like becoming my daily practice to listen to your problem before I slept along the journey.  But I’ll still get stoned if you ask me, "你点啊? (Cantonese) " What kind of answer shall I give?

Gracias, Lim. Haha! I know you are no longer a fatty already, but so used to calling you Lim liao ma, you just bear with me lar! Some more it’s weird too, if I were to call you Chin Wei. Sounds so geli! and THANK YOU SO MUCH for lending your LI report for me to copy and then paste, and keep your promise that you will start planning for our backpacking trip to Thailand from now on!

Khawp khun kha, Iti. Miss your gedik-ness all this while.  It’s good to have a supportive friend like you.  Hey, don’t be demoralized by an irresponsible character le!  Cheer up!  Where’s the "kecil-kecil cili padi" kind of spirit that you used to have when we were still so together for SRM?

P/S: I think I still can buat bodoh for the coming Karnival Sukan. Sue Cing can come back to KUiTTHO for the run also I guess, since her origin’s BP ma! Shall we? =p

Cám ón anh, teow a ball!  Another report supplier to grant me doing the pirating job for my LI report!

Nandri, Mei Yea! Too bad, tak sempat to taste the cempedak that you purposely brought all the way to hostel… Please keep in mind that your name is 朱美雅,just don’t change it to 林美香 le!

Chan Mama, Ah Pui, Hippo Papa, teow a ball, Chai Hungry and Da bien rensSs, thank you for being SO concern about the completion about my LI report, made me feel really bad for not fully gearing up to complete the report…

Shukriya, Ah Lun and Sze Kee! Really glad to see the enthusiastic siao face of Ah Lun and the 傻婆 face of Skye again!

Chezu ba, Poh Tee. Thanks for all the arrangement, I really had fun that day. It’s good to know that you have a gang of out-going colleagues. Do send my regards to Khing, Mandy, Wai Hong, Lawrence, Lau and your internship supervisor (I forgot his name ). Kinda miss those days when we were still roommates. Friendship forever! And I think you know me well, no matter how bad people talk about my friends, as long as they treat me good, they are just GOOD to me

Sagolun, Felicia! I think I really came on the wrong time. Don’t blame me if your score for the test on Monday does not turn out to be a satisfactory on.… Miss you all this while, still in-search of new friend who can replace your position in my heart, who can understand and ngam with me like you do!

Puno hvala, Peter. Thanks for being my driver. You are still the good old Peter I knew since my 1st year in KUiTTHO, with the angelic face still

Tack så mycket, Joyce and Jane. Thanks for the warm hospitality greeted. I think both of you really urgently need to get yourselves pepper spray, and I think I’ll miss the sometimes-tasteless and sometimes-too-salty dishes prepared by both of you!

Sha ja non, Albert Bun. Thanks for coming all the way to meet us up and for bringing your special friend along. Ah Qing, seeing your siao face in Melaka is really something bonus to me! Your jokes can really make people laugh lo!

Anugurihiitosumi, Pei Jun. Do not know whether or not you can ever get to read this. To be able to see you again in Melaka is another bonus to me. It was pure coincidence that we met. You really rejoiced my heart by showing your extreme happy face when you saw me.

This final part is a bit redundant, thanks to all the felis domestica-s along the journey, thanks for letting me moles,… and thanks for giving such good poses to let me snap the photos of you cats! =p

I spot you, creativity!

Creative job recruitment ad!

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