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Klang Valley good food directory!

In the age of having profusion of food blogs, I intend to provide no-frills good food directory to save us time from going through the minutiae. Not listed in particular order:-

Ramen at IPPUDO

Please don't waste even one drop of the Tonkotsu broth, the product of more than 15 hours of preparation!

Please don’t waste even one drop of the Tonkotsu broth, the product of more than 15 hours of preparation!

Address: 1) Pavilion KL 2) The Gardens 3) Bangsar Shopping Centre


Beef noodle at Lai Foong Coffee House

Nice soup!

Nice soup!

Look for this building at the intersection of Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Jalan Tun HS Lee

Look for this building at the intersection of Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock and Jalan Tun HS Lee

Then look for this stall!

Then look for this stall!

The menu, and contact number

The menu, real brief history (since 1952, :))), and contact number

The business hours. Closed only during chinese new year and xmas!

The business hours. Closed only during chinese new year and xmas!

Address: 138 Jalan Tun HS Lee, Kuala Lumpur.


Sarawak Laksa at Nam Chun Food Court (Kedai Makanan Nam Chun)

Aunty Christina's Sarawak Laksa

Aunty Christina’s Sarawak Laksa

Aunty Christina herself!

Aunty Christina herself!

Address: No. 2-4, Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Gardens, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Business hours: 8 am – 2.30pm, closed on alternating Wednesdays

Contact number: +6016-3153213


China! – Part 5 (b): The food @ Beijing!

Kev brought me to the Quanjude (全聚德) Restaurant located along Wang Fu Jing St. (said to be 中华第一街!) to try on the famous roasted duck. This was the most expensive meal for my 20-day trip in China!

quanjude roast duck

The ducks!

IMG_4621-quan ju de duck

Each roasted duck is assigned with a serial number!

The most expensive meal of the trip!

The most expensive meal of the trip!

There are many ways to skin the duck! :p

There are many ways to skin the duck! :p

The restaurant claimed that it’s being acclaimed as “天下第一楼” (translation: the best restaurant in the world). I think the food served was just so-so and the acclaim is over-rated. I am not sure if my judgment contains bias as the juice scam irked me so much and made me left no good impression of the restaurant.

quanjude food

红曲鸭膀, braised duck wings seasoned with red yeast. Cold dish involving meat, not to my liking. When I tried this, I thought it’s the duck blood that imparted the reddish color! I also didn’t know it was duck wings! Pardon my ignorance! :p


豌豆黄, yellow split pea cake.

quanjude food

炸鸭丝春段, having translation challenge here… erm… wraps with duck meat shreds?

sugar-coated haws

冰糖葫芦, sugar-coated haws. I had seen and heard so much about it from movies/series, finally had the chance to try it! I like it very much! Sour and sweet!

zhajiang mian

炸酱面, noodle with zhajiang (I can’t translate this, but it’s salty) sauce. Very nice!


香辣萝卜皮, spicy radish skin, also very nice!

knife-cut noodle

刀削面, this noodle is special, because of the way the dough is being cut by special knife into the cooking pot straight, and not so much about the cooking method. To enhance visual effect, the cook of the restaurant I visited, even put the dough over his head and cut it.


Local ice cream, flavor=Mongolian yogurt!



Beijing hu guo shi

Trying out local snacks at 护国寺小吃 (Huguoshi). So sorry, I wasn’t briefed about the names of the snacks! Blame it to Kev and Bin!

On the lower right corner, it’s 八宝粥, I believe there were more ingredients but with me being a glutton, I just can tell there were red beans in the porridge :p


拌海带丝, seaweed shreds, another cold dish.


姜汁皮蛋, preserved eggs with ginger juice. I prefer eating them with the ginger instead.

sashimi with orange

It’s my first time seeing the combination of sashimi + orange…. I was used to seeing sashimi + lemon only, and I just did google image, ok, my exposure and experience are stretched now! :p

kfc china

KFC menu in China

I like finding out the difference in local menus for fast food restaurants 🙂

Part 1: Tianjin | Part 2: Beijing | Part 3: Shanghai | Part 4: Hangzhou | Part 5: The food! (a) |

China! – Part 5 (a): The food @ Tianjin!

Thoughts while working on this post:

  1. I’m writing something which happened more than a year ago! Still behindhand with travel posts for NZ, Indonesia and Laos! The longer I procrastinate, the more details I forget!
  2. I do not visit supermarkets to buy produce anymore since I came back from NZ and OZ.
  3. Translating food names in Chinese to English is no easy task! My vocab for food (the nouns) is so limited!
  4. I miss Kev!


Kev's survival tip in China #1: bring your own tissues

Kev’s survival tip in China #1: bring your own tissues

At Tianjin:

Tianjin 辽宁路小吃街


I like walking streets and night markets because I get to try all sorts of snacks!


狗不理!The dumplings come in many choices of fillings.

狗不理 (Goubuli), “the king of dumpling shops with a century-old history” according to Lonely Planet. Even though the restaurant was originated from Tianjin, branches are available throughout China.


At Goubuli: Eggs of squids! I just asked my mom whether we normally extract the stomachs and eggs…. :p

Savoury douhua

Savoury douhua



I miss this 豆腐脑 a lot! It’s actually our 豆腐花 (douhua) back home, but it’s topped with savory sauce instead of sugar syrup. It’s especially nice to eat with the 油条 (fried bread sticks). It’s available in northern China.

dried sweet potato

At 塘沽 (Tanggu): dried sweet potato

tianjin little sheep

tianjin little sheep

tianjin little sheep

小肥羊 (Little Sheep) hotpot! I like the 麻酱! There are branches in Bolehland already.



南市食品街 (Tianjin Food Street)! I like!



锅巴菜,my own translation: green bean pancake strips with savory sauce.


茶汤 (it should be millet paste in English but I could be wrong), starchy and sweet. Traditional paste in Beijing is prepared using hot water poured out from dragon-head kettle. This kettle is no longer in used, only a decoration for the stall.



This is 驴打滚, glutinous roll with red bean paste. I find it hard to translate the names of certain food from Chinese to English without losing the gist of their original meaning, this is one of them. Translating literally, its name means “donkey rolling” to signify the roll being coated with a layer of flour or sesame. If you can understand Chinese, it’s not so hard to see the relevance, right? 😉

assorted snacks, all very sweet!

assorted snacks, all very sweet!

the sugarman

the sugarman

peacock candy

peacock candy

The sugar art! He made me a peacock! :p



麻花, another type of local snack.

My first time trying this kind of radish

My first time trying this kind of radish




Primary school’s moral lessons always taught us that “street food is not good for health (not hygienic)” but it’s always delicious and cheap!

烤面筋,very nice!

烤面筋,very nice! In English, it should be grilled gluten… oops… not gluten-free…



凉拌肉皮冻, pork skin in aspic. Unlike revenge, which is a dish best served cold, I’m seriously not a fan of cold dishes involving meat. I like hot and steamy food!



凉拌金针菇, mushroom salad. Salad served cold=ok!

Part 1: Tianjin | Part 2: Beijing | Part 3: Shanghai | Part 4: Hangzhou | Part 5: The food! (b)


First time visiting and I got disappointed…

To make my money worth, my main attack was on the following counters:-


My first try on half-a-dozen of J. Co!

Birdie once commented that eating donut from Big Apple or J. Co is like nibbling on a puff of cloud.

While there are still so many people out (me inclusive) there raving about donuts from the foregoing, hippo insisted that he still prefers the conventional donuts with sugar-coating (which are harder & thicker)…

New milestone for my chronicle of cari makan

First time eating these creatures! The texture of the flesh is similar to escargot.


Me: What’s the Chinese name of this seafood?


Me: English or Malay name?

Waitress: Helicopter

Sushi! Sashimi! Wasabi!

If price is the first dictating factor (which means I can afford to visit more than once per month ) and followed by deliciousness/freshness, then my favourite Japanese restaurants around Kepong would be:-


1) Sushi Zanmai @ 1 Utama (salmon sashimi @ RM2 per slice only!)

2) Sakae Sushi


What say you?

Caviar???? @ Sushi Zanmai, 1U

Creative pan

Pan? Plate?

85% grilling + 15% steamboat!

I really think this is a creative idea from Bangkok

Creativity/ innovation in steamboat

Location: New Wing of 1 Utama Shopping Centre


– providing vast variety of condiments

– and all sorts of choices of soup!


Greedy hippo…


Our choices

Worth sharing my observation: this is actually the second “Hong Kong style” (港式) restaurant using order forms which are not environmentally friendly….

A waste of paper le….

My visit to Miri – cari makan

I visited the Hippo Land (viz. Miri!) from Aug 28th to Sept 3rd.


May I present to you the good food in Miri that one should really try!


The famed mee kolok (earmark of Sarawak) I tried in Miri unfortunately failed to satisfy my taste buds but I found the laksa here were quite savoury.


Hippo and his family unanimously voted for laksa sold at Sin Foh Café to be the best laksa in Miri. The Sin Foh laksa no doubt is tasty, the taste showed a lot of similarity with laksa from Peninsular, but my favourite would be the laksa sold by Nancy Stall, which is located in front of Imperial Mall.


Sin Foh Laksa!

Location map of Sin Foh Laksa

Nancy Stall!

My favorite Nancy Stall’s Laksa!

The beef noodle at Nancy Stall is quite famous too…

Location map of Nancy Stall

Another appetite-tempting food that I’d like to recommend is the “kuey chap” (粿杂) available at Hopoh Building for morning session only.

The non-halal kuey chap!

Location map of Hopoh Building

Maybe I’m under-exposed, but I find the dim sum served at Mega Hotel (4°23’47.76″N, 113°59’17.45″E) were of the best ones I’ve ever tried to date! And the most important fact is that the mouth-watering dim sum costs only RM3.80 per dish!


So, you all know what to look for if you happen to drop by Miri!

I spot you, creativity!

Series #9 Light bulb reuse!

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