Singapore: the sun, the beach and the jellyfish! – Part 3 (b)

Jellyfish’s waiting…

First view of the compound of the windsurfing centre

First view of the compound of the sailing school

The wind wasn't that constant actually :p

The wind wasn’t that constant actually :p

Our 3-hour windsurfing course began with the theory lesson, which was to cram our brains with all the windsurfing jargons. It was then followed by the simulation: to reinforce and to put what we had just learned to practice. I just couldn’t remember the nuances of sailing forward, backward, into the wind and away from the wind… I should have read this website beforehand since I am a slow learner of skills! After the water-confidence session, it’s show time! 🙂

the diligent students

the diligent students

Hi! I am Max, your instructor of the day!

Hi! I am Max, your instructor of the day!

Theory! Theory! Theory!

Theory! Theory! Theory!

Simulation! Simulation! Simulation!

Simulation! Simulation! Simulation!

All smiles before going into the sea

All smiles before going into the sea

Water confidence:- Max: everyone, show me your toes!

Water confidence:-
Max: everyone, show me your toes!

Actually, I did not need to go onto the sailboard and out in the sea to tell that I will suck at windsurfing because it involves a great deal of balancing skill and motor coordination! :p

This is too cool to for me! One day, one day! Haha

This is too cool for me! One day, one day! Haha

6 of us were sent as first batch out into the sea. Getting myself into the secure position was more challenging and tiring than I expected! I was always out of balance and either falling into the water forward or backward! Getting myself back up onto the sailboard was tiring too! Max, the instructor was too busy powerboat-ing around and I did not get to have his further guidance. We were all basically on our own learning after being sent out to the sea.

After I-forgot-how-many-falls, the momentum of my fall was too great and even the sailboard overturned! *shy* Almost at the same time I fell into the water, I felt something was wrapping around my left thigh and I felt numbness and tingling sensation growing along my left leg. I tried to look under the water surface and I saw the culprit, a jellyfish!!! I did not know what to do seriously and my sailboard overturned, remember? So I can’t get myself out of the water to prevent further sting! I just kept treading water with my feet in the attempt to free my thigh off the tentacles. By doing so, I think I accidentally kicked the slimy “head” of the jellyfish and it then left me alone! Haha!

I shouted, “Sue, I got stung by jellyfish!!! How?!”

Sue: are you feeling anything abnormal?

Me: the pain is bearable…

Sue: then it’s ok!

Oh! It is that simple? I actually worried that more jellyfish will come attack me because I still remained in the water but I had to patiently wait for Max to deliver those from second batch to their sailboards and to help me turn my board back up again! I manja to Max when he finally came to my rescue, “Max, I got stung by jellyfish, will I die?”

Max: You won’t! Just be yourself!


So, while bearing with the pricking pain, I continued my “get onto the board-try to get into secure position but fail and fall-get back up again” routine. Until one point when my body thought I had enough falls already that I miraculously stood stably on the board and in my secure position and I started sailing! I actually couldn’t tell where was the wind coming from and how to better steer my sail but heck, as long as I fared! :p When I managed to sail, my mind kept replaying a German statement that I learned many years back:

“Es fährt sehr gut!” 😉

Because I only could sail without having proper control of the direction, I almost reached the breakwater and one of the yellow columns (our limit of sailing). I sent out an SOS signal in Max’s direction i.e. waving my hands up in the air and he towed my sail and brought me using his powerboat to somewhere in between the 2 yellow poles and I got to sail again. It actually feels really good to sail, like 乘风破浪!

2 hours elapsed since we were sent out to the sea and it’s the end of our windsurfing. Powerboats sent us back on shore. Once ashore, I got to know that CCY also got stung. The interesting question now was: what’s the remedy to the sting?

Information from the internet stated that (I am only researching while writing this post):-

For other jellyfish stings, soak or rinse the area in vinegar (acetic acid) for 15-30 minutes to stop the nematocysts from releasing their toxins. If you do not have vinegar available, rinse in sea water,70% isopropyl alcohol, or Safe Sea Jellyfish After Sting® pain relief gel. Do not use fresh water. Fresh water will cause the nematocysts to continue to release their toxin. For the same reason, do not rub the area, apply ice or hot water. 

Vinegar (3–10% aqueous acetic acid) may be used as a common remedy to help with box jellyfish stings, but not the stings of the Portuguese Man o’ War (which is not a true jellyfish, but a colony). …. Salt water may be used as an alternative if vinegar is unavailable, and may be preferred over vinegar. Fresh water is not usually used if the sting occurs in salt water, as changes intonicity can release additional venom. Rubbing wounds, or using alcohol, spirits, ammonia, or urine may have strongly negative effects as these can encourage the release of venom.

Opps…. After coming ashore, I rinsed my wound with fresh water, sprayed something provided by the staff of the surfing centre, took a hot shower and only applied vinegar 7 hours after the sting… But luckily Taur did not really pee on my wound! :p

the aftermath

the aftermath

Before going into the sea, I kept reciting Sue’s jellyfish encounter and even joked about having Taur to pee on the wound if anyone is so unlucky to get the sting. Friends said this is “law of attraction”, like I summoned the jellyfish… Max also said it’s very rare that people got stung at that side of the sea… Oh well…

The pricking pain persisted until the next morning! Jellyfish, welcome on board after leeches to be another creature that I loathe! The good thing is: I can’t really eat leeches to revenge but I can eat you and the look-alike of you (i.e. those with tentacles)!!!*evil laughter*

We went home and rest respectively after the course and scheduled to have dinner together around 6pm.

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