All about cartoons

Actually, instead of all cartoons, this post is more about cartoon characters from the 80- and 90-ies, the era when I was still a kid 🙂


One recent day, I mistook Pluto for Goofy. But because Sue pointed out and after that I made a mental note: Goofy walks on 2 legs while Pluto on 4. Besides, Goofy wears clothes. This overwrote my memory forever! Haha! I cannot recall if the mistake was a mere slip of the tongue or I used to have problem differentiating both of them. To me, they have the same face!

Same face!

Same face!


Sue is an avid fan of Mickey Mouse. I told her, “I like Warner Bros’ cartoon characters more than Disney’s ones, they are cuter!”

“Oh! So you do not like Snow White and all?” Sue’s surprised.



Opps… I do like Snow White and all. I failed to realize that there’s a blind spot in my mind! I was so narrow-minded (literally, haha!) that I take Disney cartoons as the synonym of [Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Goofy and Daisy] and nothing more! :p

Ok, maybe I just do not find THEM (just them) cute! :p No offence!

Just THEM not cute...

Just THEM not cute…


Being sent to a Chinese primary school, I learnt proper English only at the age of 10. Prior to that, I barely understood any. This impaired my ability to understand cartoons more, including picking up some of their names!

Case study #1

After seeing a real, living Tasmanian devil for the first time, I asked BF, “This is my first time getting to know Tasmanian devil. Why do we call such an angelic-looking animal devil?” BF smiled and replied, “This is because you have not seen them preying on other animals. I thought you would be familiar with them? Don’t you know Taz, from Looney Tunes?” This came as a complete surprise to me! I could recognize Taz: he’s the one who spins a lot. But I did not know his name, let alone knowing he’s a Tasmanian devil *shy* Now I know! 🙂

Angel and devil? And alike meh???

Angel and devil? And alike meh???

Case study #2

For Peanuts, I only knew Snoopy when I was a kid; got to know Charlie Brown and Woodstock at later stage when English newspaper started to be of interest to me.

It’s a relief to know even half-banana like SG also did not know the names of some cartoon characters :p

SG: I just realized not long ago that there are dutchy names for the characters in Peanuts!


Case study #3

When I was a kid, I thought it was “TH mutant ninja turtles”! TEENAGE is too deep a vocab for a kid! A Chinese-educated kid whose family members did not speak English at all! Haha!


No doubt I was still an extremely limited English user back then, but even so some cartoons’ theme songs and signature lines were so catchy that I picked up effortlessly.

The songs:

Mighty mouse and friends!

Captain Planet! He’s the hero!

The signature lines

Tweety bird: I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

Bugs Bunny: Eh… What’s up, doc?

Thunder! Thunder! Thunder cat!

Also catchy, is the laughter of Woody woodpecker! Her x 4, her x 4, her her her her her…. 🙂


When I was a kid, I also couldn’t differentiate between autobots and decepticons while watching Transformers.

Decepticons Autobots
Color of insignia Purple Red
Color of the eyes Red Blue

What I do not understand is that, the differences are very apparent to me now!

Maybe (little) girls just aren’t good with machines!


Q: One day, Doraemon bumped into Hello Kitty. Both were delighted but they failed to greet each other properly. Why?

A: Hello Kitty has no mouth, can’t greet verbally; Doraemon has no fingers, can’t wave or shake hands :p

No fingers

No fingers

Guys always fail to notice Hello Kitty has no mouth!

No mouth!

No mouth!

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