Sawatdee Ka! – Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong

27 Dec 2012, Thursday 


We requested for a drop off from Baan Bua Homestay (25 baht/person) to the Chiang Rai (CR) bus terminal, deposited our baggage and off we went for shopping spree and massage again. Next, we embarked on another adventure: taking the Thai public bus to Chiang Khong (CK). Upon reaching CK, we found our way to the decent Namkhong Riverside Hotel and then wandered along the only happening street in CK a bit as well as the temple festival. It was our last night in Thailand. Laos, see you tomorrow! 


Being messy, again!

bus schedule from chiang rai to chiang khong

The bus schedule: from Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong

bus from chiang rai to chiang khong

Apparently, there are 2 types of public buses to Chiang Khong. This is the flashy one.

baggage deposit at chiang rai bus terminal

The baggage deposit service is located next to the toilet at the Chiang Rai bus terminal.


tHAIabasco! 😉

cables at chiang rai

Err… Messy?


Spot the difference.

Sue and I were puzzled for a fraction of a second: both also original flavors, but why the different packaging?

Light bulb: Oh! Thin cut vs. ripple cut!


In the process of learning Thai! :p The friendly shop assistant helped me with the translation.


Shopaholic at work!


Embarrassing moment: I accidentally went into the male toilet… *shy*
because I overshot the yellow poster on left and I can’t read Thai sign circled in red…

bus from chiang rai to chiang khong

Taking the dilapidated public bus to Chiang Khong (65 baht/person). If the condition of this bus is too much for you to endure, then stick to the flashy one.


This is the VVIP seat in the bus! 🙂


Sue and I were touched by the kindness of Thai people once again. To squeeze sitting place for both of us, this kind uncle (on left) had to fold his legs in uncomfortable position along the journey.


The sunset view approaching Chiang Khong was quite scenic!


At Namkhong Riverside Hotel: strong back support and arms!


CK: Having problem conversing in English in this small town, had to resort to Google Translate!


Finally managed to overcome communication barrier!


Our desire to light a kong ming lantern was gratified eventually. Thank you Google Translate! 🙂

chang beer

Sue’s upset about my alcohol (in)tolerance… Why? This is how much I could take, after which I won’t be THAT sober anymore… *shy*

Day 1: Bangkok | Day 2: Chiang Mai 1 | Day 3: Chiang Mai 2 | Day 4: Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai (a), (b) | Day 5: Chiang Rai | Day 7: Chiang Khong – Laos | Sue’s


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