Emergency response plan: when bird pooped on your head for the first time

1)      Seek confirmation.

It was drizzling and we were walking to HT’s car. I was walking at the very back then I felt something semi-solid dropped on my head and some of it splashed onto my right arm. Oh no! The semi-solid thingy on my right arm was yellow-greenish in color and it’s warm!

Me: 你们快点看我是不是中头奖??!!

Sue: *scrutinized my hair a bit* 是叻!!

Me: SHIT!!!

Sue: 真的是shit!

2)      Record the disaster.

Sue was busy trying to wash the mess off my hair using water from my water bottle. It suddenly hit me I forgot to do something of paramount importance.

Me: Faster snap a picture of me with the shit on my head!



3)      Report to you superior.

The first person I called=LH.

Me: LH! 我中头奖叻!小鸟大便在我的头上! 是凶还是吉?是凶的话, 我要做什么来化掉它?快点帮我问你的妈妈!还有,要买什么号码的4D?

LH: 你想太多了,你还是先去洗头比较实际。。。


4)      Mitigating measures.

Sue: faster eat candy! They said after kena, have to eat candy!

I heeded her advice. After doing step 5 below, Hunter responded that I should treat other people candy! So what now?

HT was kind enough to offer me to wash my hair at her house. She lent me a towel, sponsored me shampoo and even helped me to rinse the shampoo off. Her mom and brother comforted me, saying that it’s definitely good omen.

5)      Inform authorities, do the paperwork.

Whatsapp fellow cousins on group chat and friends who would see this as a joke care.

Called parents and informed them about my misfortune luck, reminded them to buy my birthday as 4D.

*My official birthday is actually not my real birthday: 0528 became 0508, my dad registered wrongly and chose not to amend it even after finding out*

Me: Papa! Bird pooped on my head on 7th day of Chinese New Year (said to be the day God created human and hence it’s everyone’s birthday)! It’s a sign! Go buy my birthday as 4D.

Papa: When is your birthday?

So my papa still cannot remember my birthday even until now… 😦

Updated FB status.

6)      Corrective measures.

Telling every friend whom I met after that about the incident, asking: is this a good omen or bad omen?

Healing took place whenever friends laughed out loud with me, or affirmed that it’s good omen, or let me manja (by responding “there there”, “oh, you poor thing!”, etc.)

Decided on what numbers to buy as 4D, placed the bet!

7)      Sharing of lesson learnt.

The outcome: we almost struck lottery!

We aimed for 0528!!!

We aimed for 0528!!!

Hypothesis: bird poop dropped sideways on my head, that’s why!!! If only it’s centrally dropped!


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