I’m sure I can vouch for “A guy and a girl can be just friends”. It’s a shame that I have better bond with these so-called brothers than my biological one…


When I was still working at Sg. Siput, he liked to call to my intercom.

Me: Apa lu mau?

KCC: Pertaining to that issue hor…. Hmm… I think hor…. Err… Sigh…

Me: Please don’t make me MZ! Call me only when you know what you want to ask or tell me!

Whenever we were engaged in discussion, we talked as though we were about to fight (both are very loud people). Other colleagues were not used to our style and always tried to be peacemaker. What they did not know was that at the end of the discussion, we always patted each other’s back and laughed out loud. 

Me: I’m watching Japanese series and I think you look a lot like Takuya Kimura le! The look and all the little idiosyncrasies!

KCC: He’s my relative.


KCC: Woi! How come your boomerang (my souvenir for him) won’t return to its point of origin after I threw it??? It’s now lying in the middle of the road & I couldn’t retrieve it!!!!
Me: It’s a non-returning boomerang… -_________-
KCC: But SPK said it’s a returning boomerang!!! I’ll ask him to pick it up for me then!

Fight all we want but still on talking terms!

Fight all we want but still on talking terms!


*texting each other*

Me: I’m going to site with W, and he’s crying! Oh no…

SPK: You ar…. Why do you make him cry?

Me: He’s feeling unworthy… Very shitty! I do not know how to console him! Make me feel like crying as well…

SPK: then you two hug and cry together.

*having Thai dinner together*

SPK: Should we order prawns?

Me: I’m lazy to peel the shells…

SPK: It’s ok, I’ll peel for you.

Me: Yay!

SPK: Did I say I’ll peel using my mouth? You make sure you eat all of them ya!


Ah Ball: you should count yourself lucky coz u didn’t marry a dick
me: so I have to marry someone without a dick????????????


Me: I’m pushing my body’s function to the next level by continuously working long hours, sleep deprived and not eating well.

CP: keep doing that and you’ll push your body to its ultimate function and you’ll never ever feel tired again!


Me: I feel pathetic to be still single at my age…

CP: *we are same age* I feel pathetic to be married at my age…


Me: I have a crush!

CP: so you’re a step closer to being broken hearted again. LOL! Hey! Don’t let him know you always have all those excel spreadsheets about everything!

Mr. and Mrs. P.Thanks for keeping me sane during my Melbourne days!

Mr. and Mrs. P.
Thanks for keeping me sane during my Melbourne days!


Me: Why weren’t we more than friends last time?

BY: I like curves. Sorry, Sam!

Me: Ouch!


Me: You have not witnessed even 50% of my cheerfulness and playfulness. Falling-into-shit-hole and masters studies wore me down. Serious!

BF: Haha I guess so. Maybe I was spared from it. Or else we would be so different in personality that we wouldn’t have become friends. Hehe.

BF, who's camera shy! :D

BF, who’s camera shy! 😀


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