Sawatdee ka! – Brief transit in Bangkok

22 Dec 2012, Saturday

bangkok-thai massage

I was this young when I first visited Bangkok in 2007… With more hair, face was still firm and elastic! :p 


Pin and her mom picked me up from Don Meuang Airport. Before I got into the car, Pin gave me a powerful hug! Missed this so much!

A photo taken in 2007

A photo taken in 2007

I told Pin I like the Thai university uniform because it’s so sexy!

Pin: We are actually saving the world by wearing tight-fit clothes!

Me: How so?

Pin: Using fewer materials!

bangkok - parking lots

I will be so dead driving in Bangkok: the parking lots are significantly smaller!


Thai lunch at Siam Paragon!

Pin’s mom is so modern! She asked, “Sam, have you taken photos of the food served?” 😀 She knows exactly that people of our generation can’t curb the urge to share everything online :p


I don’t like taking solo shots, but Pin made sure that I took photos with all the prominent landmarks! 🙂

Why is God so indifferent to my bad hair day? :p Somehow, my hair went back to its curly nature while I was travelling no matter how hard I tried to straighten it using hairdryer! Must be the humidity!

Siam Ocean World

Pin: Oh, Sam! You are a star at the aquarium!

bangkok - central world

Pin also made sure I witnessed that Central World is up and running now after the riots in May 2010.

bangkok - parking without engaging brake
Similar way of parking was observed in Jakarta as well: parking the cars without engaging the parking brake (or hand brake, my car has foot brake instead), a measure to mitigate the issue of having insufficient parking lots.

bangkok - si lom station

Si Lom station was where I parted with Pin.

bangkok - hua lamphong train station

I’m guessing: it’s more comfortable, more cooling sitting on the floor instead of the designated seats? And that people got to have more personal space? 🙂

bangkok - baggage storage at hua lamphong

Luggage storage service at Hua Lamphong train station.


Siao Sue kept bugging me to smell her hands when I got to meet her, which according to her, had been contaminated while taking the Thai economy train.

bangkok - chatuchak1

bangkok - chatuchak2

Headed to Chatuchak weekend market, where suecing bought, bought, bought, bought and bought while I bought and bought nia…


This cat ears hat is so cute!


Food cover with cute shape!


So wrong! Hahaha!


No comment! Haha!


Q: Please identify the only 2 people who carried their bags in front of them at Chatuchak.

A: These 2 Malaysian girls! :p

We thought this is a way to avoid pickpockets (Pin and her mom also reminded me to do so), but we observed many pairs of eyes riveted on us -_-


Sue: Oh! The size of the eggs is so cute!

Me: -_- macam tak pernah tengok quails’ eggs…


Still buying!!!


Perempuan kuat! She could carry both our backpacks at one go!


Zabos who can’t travel light!

bangkok - hua lamphong train station 2

Chiang Mai, here we come!


The entry step’s way too high even for me! Ang moh standard?

overnight sleeper train to chiang mai

Claiming my bed for the night.


Ishita’s on the upper berth. Another cabin mate=Shimrun. 2 pretty girls from India.


Hippo and doraemon, on tram, in a train!


My xmas gift from zabo!


Going from one carriage to another warranted extra caution.


At the restaurant car on train: It’s 8pm…. And it’s time to change the light bulbs….


Disco mode now!


No showering facilities on train, resorting to wet wipes.

Prattled too much prior to dinner; post-dinner, not on speaking terms :p

Good night, Thailand! Chiang Mai, see you tomorrow!

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